My statement and a bio

I have always been interested in the particular moment and respond to instances of alignment. I move through the world searching for structure and asymmetrical balance.  Fish attempting to climb a mountain of water. A small girl on the edge of the continent. The endless variety of form available by way of flora. A lifeform drawn from the vastness of the sea. Gallery goers entranced, bewitched by singular visions. Architectural spaces open themselves to explorations of light and shadow. I seduce the viewer to allow them to see the world as I do. Moments of concentration refracting into color and form.

I worked for twenty years as a final line artist in the animation industry, and so my work is very influenced by line. It is my first language, but I think in terms of color. And so behind every painting there is an epic game of tug-o-war. The majority of these paintings are oil on oil paper. I work in oil for the depth of color and the participation in a tradition. My primary influences are Edgar Degas and Édouard Manet, and so many contemporary artists. I look to them not only for color, structure and line, but also for the improvisational and transparent nature of their work. Every painting is a translation and an answer to a question as yet unasked.


Cristi Lyon is a Los Angeles based multidisciplinary artist.

She works in paint, glass, print, and ceramics. Her goal is to portray the material world in an unsentimental fashion while recognizing its’ beauty. She has an uncommon background in that she worked in the animation industry for twenty years as a final line artist. She spent the last four years of her animation career at Dreamworks SKG, but everyone wants to hear about her time on Ren and Stimpy or Ralph Bakshi’s Cool World. Rather than follow a degree program she undertook a self guided study of art. Among the institutions she has attended are Otis Parsons, Art Center, San Francisco State, and Pasadena City College. She was granted the Jeanne Ward Foundation award for excellence in ceramics while at PCC, where she studied with Keiko Fukazawa, Claire Anna Baker, and James Morphesis.  Cristi also attended an invitational workshop at Pilchuck glass school. She lives in Northeast Los Angeles with her family and two cats.




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