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I have always been interested in the particular moment and responding to instances of alignment. I move through my world searching for structure and asymmetrical balance. A small girl on the edge of the continent. The endless variety of form available by way of flora. A lifeform drawn from the vastness of the sea. Gallery goers entranced, bewitched by singular visions. Architectural spaces open themselves to explorations of light and shadow, building a realm in which color, shape and texture come together to create a vital world of pattern, rhythm, and reason. I seduce the viewer to allow them to see the world as I do. Moments of concentration refracting into color and form.

The majority of these paintings are oil on oil paper. I work in oil for the depth of color and the participation in a tradition.

I worked for twenty years as a final line artist in the animation industry, and so my work is very influenced by line. It is my first language, but I think in terms of color. And so behind every painting there is an epic game of tug-o-war. My primary influences are Edward Degas and Richard Diebenkorn. I look to them not only for color, structure and line, but also for the improvisational and transparent nature of their work. Every painting is a translation. The work metamorphoses from sight through thought to the hand and pigment on a surface. 

I’m a former animation artist, now I work with paint and glass and print.

I live in Northeast Los Angeles with my family and two cats.

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